The Renewed Website of Visiosto Combines Fresh Design with Modern Features

A couple of weeks ago Visiosto celebrated its first anniversary. Today we hit another milestone: Visiosto’s first year in the Finnish Trade Register. To celebrate the occasion we decided to give Visiosto a little gift. We refurbished the design of the website!

We at Visiosto want to create simple yet functional experiences, which also was the basis for our website’s upgrade. We made the site’s visual appearance even more lovable by clarifying the patterning and adding more colours—after all, it’s summer!

Additionally, the goal of our websites is to use the latest and greatest features while still maintaining compatibility with different devices. And that’s exactly how we went about the renewing of our website: it supports devices’ dark modes! Now you can surf our website in low light without hurting your eyes.

You should keep in mind: if you’re in the need of a modern website or graphic and visual design, contact us so we can discuss more. We refract a picture from your vision through our lens.